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Zveřejněno: 13. 5. 2023

Postdoc in Human Viral Infections

Parazitologický ústav

Klíšťaty přenášené nemoci

Laboratoř arbovirologie

Pracovní smlouva



Doba určitá

CZK 50.000



4. 6. 2023

Popis pracovní pozice:

We are seeking an enthusiastic researcher to join a team whose research focuses mainly on vector-borne viral infections: Molecular biology, molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment of viral infections. Our group, Laboratory of Arbovirology (https://www.paru.cas.cz/en/sections/ticks-and-tick-borne-diseases/laboratory-of-arbovirology/), is a part of the Institute of Parasitology (https://www.paru.cas.cz/en/homepage/), Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

The postdoc will be involved in the following project funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology (National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology, http://nivb.cz/). This is a large-scale project aimed at increasing the research, innovation and development capacity of the Czech Republic to enable an effective response to infectious diseases and minimise their potential impact. The project involves 7 other institutions across the Czech Republic.

Candidate role:
The successful candidate will design and conduct experimental activities with infectious material (tick-borne encephalitis virus and others). He/she will perform molecular, virological and immunological analyses and subsequently process the data. He/she will also perform assigned experiments, analyses and their interpretation. He/she will participate in the overall management and control of the project and results. Present the results at international conferences and participate on preparation of research manuscripts.
The specific duties of the candidate will be tailored based on existing experience or proposed research direction.



Virology / Infectious biology / Microbiology / Immunology / Molecular biology / Bioinformatics

Competitive candidate:

• Early-career scientist with a PhD in biological sciences up to 8 years after graduation. Special consideration will be given to candidates whose previous research has produced a first-author publication. Experience in bioinfomatics is welcome.
• Enthusiastic scientist with demonstrated research skills and perseverance in solving technical problems. The candidate enjoys working in a dynamic team on specific research projects. When necessary, he/she can work independently and show initiative using state-of-the-art methods.
Organized, accurate and responsible. Excellent communication skills that contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. It is important that the candidate has a sense of order and adheres to established safety rules and procedures.


• 5 weeks of paid holiday per year in total for 1 FTE
• Subsidized lunches in our own canteen
• Standard health insurance and social security
• Benefits from Social fund
• Working in a stable, prestigious research institution of international importance
• Welcome service and further support for foreigners (HR Award)
• Friendly & stimulating international working environment
• Work-life balance in a middle-sized university city offering options for outdoor, sport & cultural activities
• Free language classes (Czech for foreigners, English for Czechs)
• Opportunity to take part in mentoring programmes as a mentor or a mentee
• Concessionary mobile tariff and banking services at the contractual operator and bank

Doplňující informace:

Position details and selection process:

Intended start date is May-June 2023 (negotiable). Appointment is for an initial term of 32 months with the possibility of extension.

We offer a competitive salary by local standards (up to approximately EUR 2080 gross per month) commensurate with the experience and skills of the applicant.

The jury will select the best 3-5 candidates for an online interview. Successful candidates will be notified within one week of the interview.

The Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences holds the HR Excellence in Research Award. Our selection process meets European standards for recruitment of researchers (https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/employees/candidates/otm-r/) and we provide our employees from abroad with welcome service (visa application, administration, relocation & settlement support).


About the workplace:

The successful candidate will work at the Institute of Parasitology (IoP, https://www.paru.cas.cz/en/), one of the five institutes of the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Ceske Budejovice (BC CAS, https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/). The IoP consists of 17 research groups and is the main institution in the Czech Republic devoted exclusively to basic and applied research on parasites at the organismal, cellular, and molecular levels. The IoP is closely associated with the University of South Bohemia, which is located on the same academic campus. It has excellent facilities for virus research, cell physiology, advanced imaging and more. The Laboratory of Arbovirology (https://www.paru.cas.cz/en/sections/ticks-and-tick-borne-diseases/laboratory-of-arbovirology/) has a large collection of various strains and isolates of tick-borne encephalitis virus from Europe and Asia, as well as an extensive collection of cell and tissue cultures (https://arboviruscollection.bcco.cz/index.php?lang=en). Laboratory of Arbovirology operates its own fully equipped BSL-2 rooms and a BSL-3 laboratory, including a BSL-3 IVC system.

The successful candidate will work in a young and dynamic team of virologists. Close collaboration with Dr. Martin Palus (Head of Laboratory of Arbovirology, https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/contacts/employee-list/contact/79-martinpalus/) and prof. Daniel Růžek (https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/contacts/employee-list/contact/71/) is expected. The research activities of the laboratory are connected with the Institute of Experimental Biology of Masaryk University in Brno.

Ceske Budejovice (2 hours south of the capital Prague) is a middle-sized city with ca. 100K inhabitants, relaxed atmosphere, over 750 years of tradition and a breathtaking countryside around. Both the town and the surrounding countryside provide numerous opportunities for research and leisure activities. There is also a growing international expert community at the Biology Centre CAS (BC CAS, https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/) and the University of South Bohemia (USB, https://www.jcu.cz/en/). In addition, the living costs are low by international standards. Check out our Guide for Expats (https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/employees/) to read about life in the city and the Czech Republic.

Jak se přihlásit:

To apply for this position, please submit the following documents via the REPLY button below:

• Cover letter explaining your motivation and fit to the project,
• CV with a full summary of your education and experience,
• Contact information of three referees and their relationship to the candidate,
• References, certificates/diplomas and other documentation that you consider relevant,
• List of publications or other relevant research work.

More information on the position can be obtained from Dr. Martin Palus (palus@paru.cas.cz).

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